So Why Balayage?
#1 Maintenance.

Balayage is so low maintenance! Touchup appointments normally range from 12-24 weeks, making this the “lazy girl” technique. Now balayage is not a “no maintenance” color, you still need toning/deep conditioning appointments to take care of those locks.

I always tell my guests that 60% of beautiful hair is what I create in the salon, but 40% is you and what you do at home! With any color you will still need to take care of it in-between appointments(professional shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner, styling products) and use low heat settings on all of your hot tools, there is no need to go above 380 degrees at home ladies!

 Always Seamless.
A What does a seamless color really mean? Well to me, it means you can’t truly see any unnatural lines(pictured below). Something a traditional highlight can create is a very “grid like” pattern, where balayage creates a natural looking highlight/lowlight effect in the hair. It is a very organic technique!

So no more foil highlight lines in-between appointments! This is why you don’t need a touchup sooner then 12 weeks with balayage, your hair will truly be seamless!

 Foil Highlights VS. Balayage
A Extremely Customizable.

So when we hear the word balayage, most think of very natural highlights. Some trends you have seen or heard of would be: sun kissed, sombre, lived in hair. Which balayage can create all of these styles, but it is not limited to only these looks. It can be used to create an ombre, fashion color placement or even highlights that get as close as possible to the roots! Mind blown right?! 98% of the colors I create are used with some kind of balayage involved, whether it is a balayage blonde or a vibrant dimensional red, balayage is my technique of choice!


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